Hi, my name is Kelly.

In 2012, I started my food blog A Girl Worth Saving and I’m not going to lie.

My photos were UGLY.

Like, beat it with a sticky UGLY.

I’m not joking – take a look. I took this photo in March 2012

Not pretty, right?

But the thing is, I felt so much joy making this recipe and taking photos.

I loved the comments that people left.

I loved being a food blogger but  . . . I knew that – point blank –

  my photos were hurting my reach and my income.

I decided to get serious.

I bought a cheap DSLR, Lightroom and the book Plate to Pixel

and read it from cover to cover.

I absorbed it like a sponge.

and just 4 months later I took this photo

I knew I had it down 🙏 and it was working!

My traffic was up.

I was getting better paying brand projects and I even got invited to speak at a WordPress Conference (Say What??).

Also, I got the Holy Grail of Food Blogging – I had a publisher reach out to me to create my own

cookbook (see Paleo Eats on Amazon).

The thing is – I wasn’t taking photos like everyone else does.

My process was totally different (I’m a mom and my family is literally waiting for me to

eat the dishes I prepare! It teaches you to get photos done quick)

I spend like 20 minutes tops taking photos and I barely pay attention to F stop and Aperture.

The lights I use during low light situations are, lol, laughable – but they work!

I saw bloggers screaming about having terrible photos and

how they spend hours doing shoots and I thought, what am I do right?


Then I got it

and I knew I had to share it with others because not everyone can afford to

hire a pro-photographer but everyone wishes they could learn how to take better photos.

So I decided to launch the Food Photo Bites Workshop.

It’s an online course that helps you take your skills up a notch with my help!


Who’s this for:

  • Anyone with a DSLR who are struggling to make their photos look professional
  • Anyone that wants group and one-on-one help improving their photos
  • Turtles – just kidding, lol.


What you will learn in this 6 week Online course

  • Lighting Tips so you avoid those dark, hard to see dishes that make your food look boring and bland.
  • Composition and Style Tips so your food pops and has energy! Also, how you can use cheap items around your house in your kit. 
  • Props and Set Up so you don’t spend hours doing photo shoots.
  • Tips and Tricks to make your recipes look perfect (cough, hide a mistake)
  • Editing in Lightroom so your photos look extra perfect,


You’ll also get:

  • A private community where you can share your work and get helpful critiques on how to improve
  • 6 – one hour long live classes where I will go over lighting, styling and more to help you shoot better photos.


From experience I know photography classes can run into the thousands (especially when you include travel). The investment for this course would normally be $499 but because this  is the beta launch of this class so the cost is only $199.

The live round starts on August 20th so snag this deal before it’s gone!